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Hey guys -

Thanks for the help - got rid of a virus here - I bought MBAM and it's awesome, running along my trend-micro, so far so good.

I'm becoming addicted to reading this forum - everybody else's problems -

My question is - are these virus busters volunteers or do you guys get paid by MBAM?

I notice that different people have you send files to different places for analysis - do some of these folks work for other companies in this field? Do these people work at several sites?

I'm just mystified as to the motivation of the helpers - surely it's not purely altruistic.

Just curious, as I find it kind of remarkable.

Thanks !


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  • Staff

Greetings :) .

The vast majority of the helpers here are volunteers, although some of them are either paid researchers or tech support staff that handle the helpdesk email support system, and of course a few of them are actually the developers of the software. Most of them can be found on other sites as well, helping users with their problems. The majority of those who help in the HijackThis/malware removal area of the forum have graduated from one of the Malware Removal Training Schools or have so much tech experience that it would make Bill Gates envious :D . As for the reason, many have had bad experience with malware themselves and/or they simply enjoy a good challenge and solving the software puzzles that malware infections create. Some are just absolutely fascinated with the stuff, and they often become researchers who work on adding to the definitions of MBAM and/or developing their own specialized removal tools.

Personally, I hate malware and I'm fascinated by PC's in general and this is just another field of study that interests me.

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