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MBAM Pro Compatibility with CA Anti-Virus 2008

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I am running CA Anti-Virus 2008 ex Total Defense (originally ex Computer Associates), Product Version :; Engine Version 36.1.0, with Real Time Scanning (RTS) on my Satellite Pro M70 /Win XP Pro laptop.


With cessation of Win XP Windows Update Support looming in April, I would like to install MBAM Pro with Real Time Scanning (RTS) for extra protection.


Questions :


1. Would any conflicts be generated when running CA AV 2008 with RTS, together with MBAM Pro with .RTS on my Win XP Pro laptop, which would make them incompatible ?


2. If they are compatible, is there any special installation procedure that I should follow ?


3. What is the latest version of MBAM Pro that supports Win XP & is compatible CA AV 2008, & what, if any, is the "cut-off date" for Win XP support ?


Would greatly appreciate any answers /help with this.


Thank you





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Thank you very much for your response & info.


Yes, it is odd that I am still using CA AV 2008, but I get the daily virus signature file automatic updates & the occasional engine updates, & since the change from Computer Associates to Total Defense, I have not received any advice /notification from the latter, that I should switch to the equivalent "Total Defense Antivirus", so I have continued using it . It has a simple, attractive, user-friendly interface and has served me well. I occasionally supplement it with on-demand scans using MBAM & SAS.


I have been thinking recently of switching either to the equivalent "Total Defense Anti-Virus", or to "Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus".


Can you advise me whether these 2 are compatible with MBAM Pro, with RTS running on all.


Does Malwarebytes have available, a current /up-to-date list of antivirus (RTS) software, that is compatible with MBAM Pro (RTS) ?





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Thank you Ron & "New Member" for your responses.


I will probably replace CA Antivrus 2008 with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, BEFORE installing MBAM Pro.


Is that the correct order of installation ?



Yes, AllanCB: BD installed before MBAM PRO. On my PC running Win 7, everything is going fine.


Have a good day. 

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Instead of "Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus", I am now thinking of using "Bitdefender Internet Security", which includes the "Antivirus" plus a "Firewall", which would me avoid having to use a separate 3rd party firewall like Zone Alarm.


Therefore, question - is "MBAM Pro" compatible with "Bitdefender Internet Security", both with Real Time Scan running ?


My Satellite Pro M70 /Win XP SP3 Pro laptop runs on "Intel® Centrino® mobile technology, including Intel® Pentium® M processor 750" at 1.86 MHz, & with 1.5 MB of DDR2 RAM, so the only other question is - would it be able to handle the processing demands of the  "BD IS / MBAM Pro" RTS combo, with enough left over for "normal laptop use"  ?


BitDender Internet Security 2014 literature gives :


- Minimum System Requirements : 1.6 GHz processor,1 GB of memory (RAM) for Windows XP.
- Recommended System Requirements : Intel CORE Duo (2 GHz) or equivalent processor,  1 GB of Memory (RAM)  for Windows XP


Would greatly appreciate any advice on this.


Thank you


Alan CB

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