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Slow Browsing Speed On All Browsers!


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I took a test here speedtest.net and everything seems to be fine, but once I start  using Chrome or Internet Explorer it takes so long for it to load.

There isn't any viruses or malware either. I have a feeling it's my computer CPU because I have used my laptop and it's quite fast. Is there anyway I can fix this? 

Thanks :)

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Fix what ?


You don't tell us...

*  the results from speedtest.net.

*  who your ISP is. (AT&T, PacBel, Verizon, Sprint, etc)

*  what the technology you are subscribed for (DSL, Cellular Broadband, Cable, FiOS, etc)

*  what speed your subscription is supposed to provide (such as 10Mb/s down and 5 Mb/s up)

*  what the computer is that Chrome and IE are installed on (Make and Model)

*  what that undefined computer has for;  an Operating System, CPU and RAM


So basically you don't supply any real information to go by but you want a fix ?

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*Results: Download Speed: 1206 mbps, Upload Speed: 1.35 mbps, PING: 58 ms

*ISP: AT&T U-Verse

*12Mb/s .

*Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop PC


I also talk about this here: 






hopes this kinda helps.


I'm sorry but You need to post the requested information here...


"1206 mbps" ==> 1.2Gb/s so that not correct assuming you have 12Mbs service and you haven't answered all the questions.

What is IN that "Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop PC"


** You have to know your own computer equipment.  The more you know, the more you understand.  The more you understand the better equipped you are to use your computer and deal with occasional "hiccups".  Answering the above questions, properly, helps you to help yourself.

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If you think your computer is infected or wanna check if the computers infected you can always post in the malware removal help forum if you'd like to

I made a thread last month about a possible infection. The main problem is the browser speed. Which companies have the best speeds for affordable prices?
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You are getting off track.


In post #4 you posted you are subscribing to 12Mb/s Internet.

In post #9 you indicated you are getting 12.06Mbp/s


Therefore you are getting what is paid for and you shouldn't be looking at other providers.  Additionally Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer services that are regionally specific.  What is offered in one region may not be offered in another.  In fact, a particular service provider may be in one town and not available in the town right next to it.  So, forget about "Which companies have the best speeds for affordable prices?"  It is a Red Herring to look for a different service provider.


If your Browser is "perceived" as slower on PC_A then PC_B on the same LAN accessing the same Internet then you have to look at the PC in question which leads us right back to the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop PC and what it has and what's running on it.

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