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Setting Up Security for Dlink Wireless WiFi

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Would someone be kind enough to give me instructions for setting up a security name and password for Dlink Wireless WiFi please?


I had to reset the router and now it shows my security name as not being in range. Instead it is just dlink and it is open and not secured.

Thanks ever so much!


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Post questions or problems relating to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware here. If you require malware removal assistance please post in Malware Removal Help forum.

It is not for general PC questions.  That is in the sub-forum for general PC questions;  General PC Help
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Please realize, for future reference, that each sub-forum has a specific goal or purpose and we all must post "On Topic".  Your post is "Off Topic".


As for your question, it is VERY general as passwords for Routers may very well be model specific.  Therefore the following is general information for a range of possible models.
All D-Link router's use the Administrator User Name: admin

Default passwords: 

*  D-Link DI-514 and DI-524, DI-604, DI-704, DI-804: < blank >

*  All other D-Link routers: admin

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