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Action Center Icon - says "Backup in Progress", yet no backups are occurring?


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Good mornng everyone,


     I was just noticing that whenever I hover the mouse pointer over the Win 7 Action Center icon in the Taskbar, it displays a small box which says, "Backup in Progress."  (See attached screenshot).




I have checked the Action Center - NO issues are shown needing attention.  Checked Windows Update - no updates needed there.  All programs are fully up to date.  Secunia PSI indicates no updates are needed either.

Scans with MBAM. SAS, & Outpost Security Suite Pro are negative for any issues as well.


Yesterday evening (Saturday February 22nd around 8 p.m.), I performed my weekly scheduled system backup (which includes system imaging) using the built-in Win 7 Backup & Restore utility.  The Backup successfully completed without any problems.  Backups are made to a 1 TB WD Passport external HDD.  (The external HDD is only connected to the computer for the duration of the backups, then disconnected, for obvious security reasons).


I've also rebooted the computer once, but this issue persists.


My question(s)Does anyone have an idea what's occurring?  I.e. WHAT exactly is "supposedly" being backed up, and WHY?


Thank you for your time and any enlightenment.



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Hi, EE:


Until someone more expert arrives...


Icon cache "corruption" and "bugginess" has been a longstanding Windows issue for many years.

It is typically only a cosmetic problem.


I saw that very same glitch once on my new Win7 laptop a few months ago: I finished a Windows backup to an external HDD, & "safely disconnected" the external drive, but the system tray icon still showed "Backup in Progress".
I think a reboot resolved it for me.


I assume that your backup completed successfully and that the backup process is not still running in WTM?

Since rebooting didn't resolve it, I suppose you could try to perform another backup to the external HDD to see if that refreshes/fixes it?

Heck, just mounting the external HDD might be enough to refresh it?


If all else fails, you could rebuild the icon cache.

There are 2 methods here (one is a bat file, the other a "manual" method): http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html

And there is a MS Fixit here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/813711

They all achieve the same thing.





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Hi DD1 and thanks very much for the enlightenment!


     I'd never even heard anything about the "icon cache" issue you mentioned until now.  Going by your suggestions, I believe I've resolved the problem.


First, I restarted the computer, and once the CPU and RAM usage leveled out, I connected the external HDD, then performed a manual backup/system image again.  Upon completion, I noticed the icon was now back to normal again - and not telling me that a "backup was in progress."


Much obliged again for all the help with this one! :)



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