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Adobe, Microsoft Push Fixes For 0-Day Threats....


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Adobe, Microsoft Push Fixes For 0-Day Threats


by Brian Krebs


For the second time this month, Adobe has issued an emergency software update to fix a critical security flaw in its Flash Player software that attackers are already exploiting. Separately, Microsoft released a stopgap fix to address a critical bug in Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 that is actively being exploited in the wild.




The vulnerabilities in both Flash and IE are critical, meaning users could get hacked just by visiting a compromised or booby-trapped Web site. The Flash patch comes just a little over two weeks after Adobe released a rush fix for another zero-day attack against Flash.


Adobe said in an advisory today that it is aware of an exploit that exists for one of three security holes that the company is plugging with this new release, which brings Flash Player to v. for (Chrome-Linux)Mac and Windows systems.


This link will tell you which version of Flash your browser has installed. IE10/IE11 and Chrome should auto-update their versions of Flash, although IE users may need to check with the Windows Update feature built into the operating system. (Much more..)


Read the rest plus access SHIM fix at: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/02/adobe-microsoft-push-fixes-for-0-day-threats/



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Interestingly, there is no Adobe Flash for Linux. Google's Pepper Flash for Chromium on Linux has support for features, but the official Adobe Flash player for Linux is currently version (as per the link in the article).

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I posted the update yesterday morning in General Software sub-Forum.


https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=124898&p=794207 was the download one got even tho' the table showed ".44" as the newest. A test of the version one had would also show ".44" installed (before downloading) without showing a newer version was available. Downloading would show installed.  In other words, the download people got their file made available before the documentation people got the wording done. :)


@Arthur is the last version Adobe made for linux. Other than security fixes (these fixes were for Windows vulnerabilities) the Linux version will stay at I.e.; it's EOL except for security fixes. Google (pepper flash - is doing their own thing on linux and is not officially an Adobe product.




Your friendly software updater, punching bag, etc, et al.. :)

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