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Malwarebytes causes clicking then hangs

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Every time I run Malewarebytes Quick Scan, there will come a point where I hear a clicking sound, then shorty afterwards, the entire computer will freeze and I will have to shut it down and restart it.


I have had two separate but successful runs of the Full Scan, but when I tried it recently, it also hung the computer just as the Quick Scan did.


I have checked my drive every which way and never get any error messages, nor do I ever hearing clicking, except with Malewarebytes.  I would really like to use Malwarebytes on my computer, because everyone says it's the best.  But I can never depend on it when it comes to scanning my computer.


Can you help me?

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  • Root Admin

Actually that sounds like a hardware issue on your hard drive.  It may be stressing it and causing that. 


Not sure how you're actually testing the drive but a clicking sound is not normal.  If you give us more details about the system we can probably help more.


I would recommend that you backup your data to an external drive if you have not done so already and then looking at testing your hard drive.

Many computers have built-in diagnostics software from the BIOS or UEFI where you can test the drive. 


If you need further assistance to test this let us know.

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I'm running an HP Desktop with VISTA, which has it's own comprehensive "Hardware Diagnostic Tools," with Seek Tests, Surface Tests and the like.  

I've tried scandisk as well.  Everything checks out perfectly.  If you can give me instructions to use the built-in diagnostics software from the BIOS, I will certainly try it.


This clicking sound followed by the computer hanging ONLY happens using MALWAREBYTES, but, I'm wondering how I was able to get two full scan runs without a problem.  If there was a problem with the drive, seems to me, the computer would hang everytime.


I'd be glad to run further diagnostics with your assistance.


Thank you.

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  • Root Admin

A clicking sound that can be audibly heard over normal room noise is not normal and I'm guessing that MBAM by doing the scan is simply stressing the drive.
Try the following and see if you hear a clicking sound.
Click on START and go to Accessories and find your Command Prompt icon and then right click over it and choose "Run as administrator"
Then type the following and press the Enter key and listen for this clicking sound.

DIR /A /S *.*

Let me know what you hear

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