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Multi select to remove selected items

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Hi there,

I just executed a quick scan on a computer and it found 1934 Objects Detected. Is there any option that I do not know about where I can place a check in one box that will auto-select all the 1934 items that were detected before I click on Remove Selected to save me some time having to check all 1934 Objects Detected?

Thank you,

Donna :)

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Hi, DonnaB:


EDIT:  OOPS!  Sorry about that DHL! You beat me to it! ;)
That's quite a few detections!
It sounds as if most of them could be PUPs.
This KB topic explains what they are AND how to decide whether to delete them or keep/ignore them: What are the 'PUP' detections, are they threats and should they be deleted?

The default action for PUP detections is 'Show in results list and do not check for removal."

If you want Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove these PUP detections reported after a scan, each item must be checked.

  • To do so quickly, you can highlight one of the detections by left clicking on it.
  • Then, right click on the highlighted detection, and select 'Check All Items'.
  • Next, click 'Remove Selected'. That should address the PUP entries.

If you want to keep/ignore the PUP detections, because they are familiar to you and you use them, you can add them to the Ignore List.

If you want to edit the way PUP detections are reported and handled, you can edit the MBAM settings, as described in this recent blog post: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/news/2013/09/selecting-all-pups/

>>>>Having said all that, if you're not sure what to keep and what to remove, and/or if you have any problems with the removal, I would suggest that you please follow the adivce in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through the cleanup process.



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OMGoodness! I had no idea you could do that!!

Thank you guys so much!

Yes. I've never seen so many objects found. I do believe she was hogging all the foistware, toolbar, adware, etc....

You name, MBAM found it!!

Poor MBAM is struggling to remove all the items.

Thank again guys,

Donna :)

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it may take a while to remove them all, I just cleaned up one with over 2000 items and it took about 1 hour for Malwarebytes to remove all of them before it prompted for a restart.

Oh wow! 2000! You win! Truly, I have never seen this many objects found with MBAM before now (shakering her head in amazement). It only took about 20 mins for them to be removed, though it takes forever for the laptop to shut down and reboot.



Seriously, if you run into any problems with such a massive job, please post back and let us know.


Thank you gents. Very nice of you to offer. I think I should be ok. I am a recent grad of GeekU. My only problem is that this laptop is a W8. I'm a bit lost trying to find my way around this system, so this is going to be very educational for me.

Donna ^_^

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Oh yes, wonderful Windows 8....

It is a challenge to say the least to find your way around in Windows 8...

If you like, have a read through this topic Starting HERE for some excellent suggestions on programs that may help you find your way around Windows 8...

The MS Gurus were not thinking of the average user when they developed that OS.

Thank you for the link. :)   The owner of this laptop is an elderly lady and as the OP in the linked to topic, she does not like W8 and wanted me to install W7 for her. She's not totally inept with the computer so maybe if I can get her allow me to make the W8 work a bit more like Windows 7, she may be a bit more content, though I think at this time talking her into a subscription of MBAM Pro is a must!!

Thank you gentlemen. I truly appreciate your help and suggestions.

Have a nice day!

Donna :)


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Your quite welcome, and good luck...

.... though I think at this time talking her into a subscription of MBAM Pro is a must!!

If she buys now, it will be worth the money.... as of right now the license is currently a life time license which is transferable from one computer to another and it will even be honored when they launch the 2.0 version (the license will be converted), once they go to the 2.0 version, those that did not currently have a 1.xx lifetime license will have to buy a subscription yearly.

So the time to buy is now....

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Oooooo! Providence I say! If I had waited one more day to pick up the laptop I may have missed the opportunity to get MBAM Pro at a cost she could afford on her limited budget. I may just fork out the $15. myself. She's more than worth it! Unfortunately, she recently had AVG installed, and not the free version. :(

Thanks daman1!

You guys are the bestest! smiley-hug002.gif

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Oh really? I thought you may have to use the free AVG license on the same system that MBAM Pro was purchased for. That will be perfect for the neighbor lady who stopped in while I was there picking up the laptop that had installed the free version since she couldn't afford to pay. These elderlies (they live in one of those "seasoned citizen" hi-rises for low cost living) are so good to me at Christmas time and through out the year (I deliver their mail) this can be my way to thank them back for the joy they bring me on a daily basis. I don't mind one bit dishing out a few bucks. Hopefully when I am their age someone will return the favor.

Thanks again for the idea! :)

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No i can be separated,


Are you sure the AVG can be separated from the MBAM and used on a different machine???

When I search Newegg for that deal, I find this link (and no discounted price):


And there seems to be some sort of disclaimer with it.


I'm not saying the deal isn't valid, or that the MBAM and AVG can't be split, but there doesn't seem to be sufficient info on the website to substantiate that????


It might be a good idea to check any available "fine print" before purchase, if one is looking for that MBAM+AVG combo deal????




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When i got my copy of MBAM it came with free Mcfee software nowhere did i see i have to use it on this PC.


I'm not sure one can safely conclude from your past experience with a previous purchase of MBAM PRO + ***another*** AV product that the current offer displayed at Newegg is the same.

These offers change often (daily?) (and are handled through a 3rd-party reseller).

Moreover, the disclaimer in the current ad seems to be fairly clear that there are "conditions" with this  "OEM" deal.


It may or may not be "the same" as yours.

And it may or may not permit splitting the software between 2 computers.

To assert that it is the same without confirmatory information could be misleading.


That's all,




P.S. Since this thread has now drifted off-topic, and since the OP appears to have received help for her original issue, I expect that the mod team will probably close this post soon. :)

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