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Something caused massive chunk of data

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but, nonetheless, here's my issue.

Currently my only means if connecting my computer to the internet is via tethering my smartphone. So I connected it the other night to play a game, as I have a number of times. A little chunk of data was used, because I was using Steam to access my game, and I was too slow in stopping some of the games from updating. But this would have been at most, 50-100mbs. I should also mention that about a week earlier to this I monitored the data rate on my phone's end while connected to the game and there was minimal data usage. 30mb or so for 2 hours of playing.

OK, now those two things are ruled out as causes. After about 15 minutes of playing, I get a message on my phone saying that I had used 75% of my data for this cycle(6gb). I had checked before I connected and I had only used about 3.5gb up to that point. So something had used about 2.5gb of data without my knowledge.

My phone has a setting where you can see your data usage for any interval of time and shows you what used the data. My phone indicates that the data was indeed accessed through via my mobile hotspot.

After this happened, I ran a scan on my computer and found 3 or 4 generic Trojans. Could these be the cause of the huge spike of data? Is there I program I can get that will tell me, retroactively, what program used the data, similar to what my phone does?

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  • Root Admin

Well you're math is a bit off.

75% of 6GB = 4.5GB so you used up about 1GB since the last time you checked on your bill

A 50MB only update for games is probably very generous. Some can exceed multiple hundreds of MB for updates.

Maybe your computer downoaded Windows updates or Security updates etc..Facebook and other junk that users always load up on a computer.

All in all without a forensic type analysis the numbers don't sound too far off.

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