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Mozilla To Display Ads Within Firefox


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Disappointing, to be sure.
This has been foreseen for a while, however, especially since it may be needed if a funding deal that currently supports Mozilla is not renewed.

More info here:


And there's no need to panic, just yet.

AFAIK, at least to start, it may not be for a while (Fx 29?).

And initially the ads will only be offered to first-time users.

There will always be configuration options and extensions to block ad content.


Having said all that, it does seem to portend a "one foot on the banana peel and the other in the hole" omen....





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DH uses FF on our Windows 8, and FF is the default browser there. I'm willing to see if the ads become obnoxious or not before we jump ship to another browser. (I use my iPad for most of my browsing these days, but I do have Opera set up to my liking on the Windows machine.).



Personally that will be the biggest pain if you ask me, if we end up having to change browsers, it will be learning the new layout of the new browser if we not familar with it, and then of course there is the whole setting it up the way we like.

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There are plenty of alternatives:

There's more than that, but I think most of the ones above fall into the usable category. Or, at least, what most people would consider usable. Obviously I was horrible and biased and put Opera first in the list. :P

I have to admit that Sleipnir sort of looked interesting, so I'm installing it to see what it's like. I don't think there was an address bar...

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and ... there is "ice weasel" :



and also "icecat" :



both browsers are available in 'nix , debian and windows versions .


i will give "sleipnir" a try today .

maybe we could start a topic/thread about the different browsers ?


edit : i just loaded "sleipnir 5" ... it does have an addy bar/window .

it is on the upper right-hand side .

i imported *all* my bookmarks and such from FF .

i have not checked into any customizations .

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I deliberately left Unix-only browsers off of the list. ;)

I had to shudder a little bit when I saw Google Chrome on your list :/  I would use Internet Explorer > anything Google.

I don't trust Google, or like Chrome, but some people do.

But Maxthon Cloud Browser is also a good alternative too that I've been looking into.

I deliberately left the Maxthon browser off of the list. I tend to shy away from anything that has 'cloud' features built in.

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both versions i mentioned are available in the windows format .

i posted the debian wiki link to show the development/history of a couple of other members of that browser family .


as for "sleipnir 5" ...

i do like the graphics/font rendering but overall it has much to be desired .

maybe i missed something in the customizations , it is nowhere near as "flexible" as FF .

i will be uninstalling it today ...

next browser ?

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both versions i mentioned are available in the windows format .

According to Wikipedia they are Unix-only, and there are no Windows versions linked to on their websites. As with Konqueror, I'm sure you can compile the source code for Windows if you want to (I used to run the entire KDE 3.5 desktop on Windows back in the day), but there appear to be no official Windows binaries for IceWeasel and GNUzilla/IceCat.

Obviously there is the Windows build of IceWeasel that you linked to, which I assume is an unofficial build. Such things are not abnormal in the Open Source world. ;)

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