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[SOLVED] MBAE blocks Adobe Shockwave update


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Hi Pedro,


Well, it’s been a long afternoon..

After thinking it was Avast and turning it off, I was still having problems.

I uninstalled Shockwave. Secunia continued to try to update it

Uninstalled Secunia.

Cleaned the leftovers of Shockwave and Secunia with Systemlook and OTM.

Reinstalled Secunia PSI.


Avast is on, Secunia is on and everything working as it should. I can live without Shockwave.


As I said, a long afternoon, I was not receiving e-mail notifications from MB.

Found them in my Spam Box where it asks me to look for them. LOL


Boils down to a bad update from Adobe.. I would assume.


Have a Happy,


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  • Staff

Thanks for the log and all your tests oldgeek.


I'm not completely discarding an FP with MBAE just yet.


If you can replicate the problem, can you do so with the latest alpha build of MBAE? I think we have this fixed in the 0.10 version which you can find at:


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Thanks Pedro,


Got my e-mail notifys working as they should now.


Will give mbae 0.10 a run but will stay in VM so not so hard to clean up the mess.lol


I test against zerodays in a VM and this was the first time MBAE flagged me..... in my real machine, live and learn...


I'll keep you informed.


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