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Remove All button for PUPs please


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I have been meaning to ask for this for years. Now I am fixing a computer which has 1600+ items found, nearly all of which are PUPs. Do you know how long it is going to take me to tick all of those?????


PUPs are ALWAYS unwanted, so please, please, please can you add a 'Remove All' button to the scan results. It will save so much time.


Hitman Pro does it, so it can't be difficult.

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I think it would be nice to have a button or some other GUI widget in the dialog/window.  When removing a PUP inrfection last weekend (that came back several times), I didn't notice the right-click option the first couple times because I didn't think to look in the right click menu.

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Hi, mwb1100:


Although I've never had a PUP on any of my rigs, I agree it would be a useful feature. :)

I am pretty sure it has been requested before by others.


The right-click > select all items isn't hard once you know about it, but it isn't necessarily intuitively obvious, as you mentioned.


As Firefox mentioned, you can easily tweak a setting in MBAM so that PUPs will be automatically detected AND selected for removal.

(The default setting is to report them, but NOT to automatically select them for removal.)


It's explained in the KB topic link Firefox provided, and there is an illustrated version here:






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