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anyone try the new process explorer?


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That feature does NOT "boost a systems security". 
Process Explorer is purely a utilitarian "tool".  It is a tool that requires a person to use it and make a judgement to submit a file to get a statistical check against various anti malware engines.
For something to "boost a system's security" it would have to run on the system and act in some kind of autonomous action with or without user intervention.
On another note...
Since you have taken a liking to the Sysinternal utilities, let me give you some information that most are NOT aware of.
The server for Sysinternals conforms to Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV).  Thus access to the server can be done using the WebDAV  variation  to the Universal Naming Convention (UNC).  This allows one to map an OS Drive Letter to the server and/or view the available files in a Folder View.


The UNC to the server is;  \\live.sysinternals.com\DavWWWRoot


One can load that into Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer and it will show you a folder view of the Sysinternals Suite of available utilities.


A BIG advantage is one can periodically view this UNC and sort the files based upon the file date.  Thius will allow one to easily see if you favourite utility has b een updated and you can copy the file like you would from any drive or UNC source.




NOTE:  In Windows Vista and above you can add this UNC to Windows Explorer as a Network Connection.

Computer --> File --> Add a Network Connection --> Next --> Choose a custom network location -->

Paste the above UNC into the dialogue requesting "Internet or Network Address:" --> Next

Assign it a name and finish the dialogue.


Now when you go to "Computer" you will see that listed.

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Since Process Explorer is used to examine running programs or "processes" present under the OS, it is used after the fact.  Therefore assuming one uses Process Explorer and you find a "suspicious" running process and one uploads a file associated to said process to Virus Total and there is preponderance of information indicating the process is malicious then one is actually "late" and "after the fact".  The system was already infected.  Thus it doesn't and can't "boost a systems security".  It is purely an analysis tool and not just for malware at that.


To "boost a systems security" it would have to be proactive.  Process Explorer isn't even reactive as it relies on the "judgement" of the user.

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