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Something is slowing my internet. (Anti-phishing domain advisor?)


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I've started getting a really high ping, low download and upload speed. I usually have about 16mbps download and 0.8mbps upload, according to speedtest.net anyways but on these slowdowns download goes to 1mbps and upload 0.5mbps. The slowdowns don't happen very often. I always thought it was just my internet provider, even though my family is using the internet to watch HD TV with no problems, I told myself that the TV probably has some kind of priority to using our internet connection? (Yeah it doesn't really make sense..). Today I got really frustrated. Because of this problem I can't even load a page properly, play a match of League of Legends etc. I connected my phone so I could use the mobile internet connection and almost immediately I got a message saying: Anti-phishing domain advisor has crashed.(I'm not saying that connecting my phone internet to my pc has anything to do with the crash..) I had no idea what it was and I had no idea how I got it on my computer so I went to speedtest and checked my speed. It was 20mbps download and 0.8mbps upload. I searched for this domain advisor on my computer and all I got was a readme file from Playclaw 3 and this was inside it: C:\ProgramData\MyStart Anti-phishing Domain Advisor\mystart_antiphishing.dll  I deleted the MyStart Anti-phishing Domain Advisor folder but couple hours later and after a pc restart I still got these slowdowns again. So my question is: What can I do to remove this software from my computer? It's not showing in the "Windows delete a program" list, I've tried MBAM but it doesn't find any suspicious files. I am 100% sure that these slowdows are because of something on my computer. I've checked from my friend's laptop and it says that our internet speed is completely fine while on my PC speedtest shows a completely different result.

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