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[SOLVED] Problem with ipConfigure software in IE 11


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I use ipConfigure software to manage my IP cameras.  I have no issue loading them in Google Chrome with MBAE running.  When, I try to run it in Internet explorer 11 with MBAE running it stops the software from loading my codecs which I assume is through active X or something MBAE is keying on.  If I disable the MBAE from protecting and restart my IE 11 then run ipConfigure; it works like a champion.  I can restart the protection on MBAE and it still runs fine until i restart my IE 11 and try to run ipConfigure after that; I am back to where I started.  I see there is a place to add an exclusion but had no luck trying.  What can I do to get ipConfigure added in to the scheme of things with MBAE.  I have been working with ipConfigure and alerted them that the issue is with MBAE.  I told them I would update them when the issue is resolved.  I appreciate your help and have a great day.

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