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Sorry for the delay. Please have the host contact me (they've never replied).


I've done a quick spot check after your post mentioning a removal of sites from the server, and whilst some are indeed clean, others are still housing malicious content (e.g. toochattoo.com).

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I transfer your message to the host immediately... I don't know what to do more !

I downloaded all the files from my site to my computer, and checked them... they were all clean ! I don't understand... I have never seen this situation before. (I am not a professional webmaster!). Should I try to delete everything, and resend it again? Or this won't do anything? Maybe it's possible to know what files are infected?

Thanks for help.

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If I understand well, my site is clean (www.concertogrosso.fr) but some other sites on the same server are housing malicious contents, so you blocked the access to all the server, including some clean sites. Is it right?

If so, is there any possibility from your side to fix this problem? The host will tell, that the webmasters of infected sites should clean them up... so it can take long time, in case someone don't check his site ! And meanwhile, it makes clean sites unaccessible to all Malwarebytes users... what is very bad for me at this time !

Waiting for reply,


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If your host has not answered either ours or your request for the abuse to be dealt with or drag their heels constantly, then I suggest you consider moving your site.


As for IPs being blocked, this depends on the severity of the threat(s) and how many are hosted. IPs are only blocked when there is sufficient cause to do so.


The rest of your request will be looked into.

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