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Cop handcuffs on-duty firefighter for not moving truck


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Fire Departments dispatch their apparatus (especially ladder trucks) to wrecks on major highways specifically for the purpose of protecting the responders and victims during emergency care.

They are parked in such a way as to serve as a protective barrier (force protection) against impact from another vehicle crashing into the scene of the wreck.  As the Firefighter interviewed in the news story pointed out, this scenario happens all too often.

This is SOP designed to save lives.


Although it is expensive to repair a fire apparatus that is hit by a car, no price can be placed on the life of the First Responders who may be injured or killed by the careless drivers who do not exercise caution and who hit the emergency crews and their victims.


I suspect there will be some repercussions from this for the arresting officer.





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The Police Officer was Bloody Wrong !


The Fire Fighter had first priority to the scene and the Police Officer's job was to protect the Firefighter and the scene and take a backseat to the direction of the Firefighter. 


The CHP officer needs some unpaid time-off !  (aka; temporary suspension w/o pay }

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Yes, that was a slightly more "pointed" way to put it. ;)

Although CHP has (surprisingly) not (yet) issued a formal mea culpa, it appears from the news story that you are 100% correct.


I've got nothing against cops/CHP/Peace Officers, but -- working with Fire/EMS for many years -- I know that the Fire Department was doing exactly what they were supposed to do in order to protect everyone at the scene (including the CHP officers!).

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19314 comments @ 2025 CST .


without knowing the exact situation it is hard to say who is in the right and who stepped on their ... err ... umm ... *shoelaces* .

as i see it , it is a "wave-fest" for both agencies involved .


the actions as presented are simply shameful .

and they certainly do not look good for the CHP .

hopefully , someone will be signing up for unemployment (and being refused) then looking for a job they can better handle ...

involving the expression "would you like fries with that ?" .


my dad was a volunteer fireman for 30 years ... he would be shaking his head in disbelief .

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As usual, Florida can beat that. Several years ago, before I retired, a local, hometown, Bubba Bob cop ticketed a Fireman/Driver for parking his Fire Truck on the "shoulder" of the road and refusing to move it during an accident incident involving four cars that was still on-going.


Yep; good, old Florida.. We shoot people that throw popcorn at us; we are the Pill Mill Capital of the 50-states; we still have a town named Starke that the AAA tells all drivers to avoid like the ticket-writing, speed trap it is; we have met the enemy and it is us.. <_<


Glad I was born in Tennessee.. :)



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  • 1 month later...

Deja Vu  :(





It happened Monday night in the 100 block of Cherry Street. According to witnesses, a firefighter rendering aid during a medical call was asked to move his fire truck. The fire truck had flashing lights turned on and was parked on the side of the street. When he refused, a New Roads Police officer handcuffed and detained the fireman.


Surveillance video from the New Roads Housing Authority captured everything on camera. The video is time stamped and shows the fireman was placed in the police car for 22 minutes before he was removed.

Moments before he was detained, the firefighter was helping Amber Porter.


"I was walking toward the kitchen and just passed out," Porter said.  Porter's relative immediately dialed 911. Porter credits the firefighter who arrived first for helping her.

"I was laying on the floor," Porter said. "They was calling my name. He was trying to sit me up off the floor."


That's when Porter recalls a New Roads Police officer showing up at her door to have the fireman move his truck. Porter said when the officer asked the fireman to move the truck, he didn't bother to ask how she was doing. She said it concerns her that the police officer was more worried about a truck in the street than her medical issue.

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  • Root Admin

Being a bit snarky, the issue seems to be that some Police probably feel threatened that someone else can park their vehicle anywhere they want with impunity so they have to flex their muscle not realizing that most of society will side with Firemen over Police when push comes to shove.  We realize we need Police but we don't need individuals thinking they belong to some elite club that gives them the right to do anything they want.  For the most part that is how it worked being a Police Officer ever since communities realized they needed some entity to help oversee injustice (not knowing that they the Police would themselves become part of that injustice).  More and more now days there is less and less tolerance for Police that have either an egocentric or narcissistic personality that seems to compel them to do things like this. I'm willing to concede that perhaps there is some pertinent reason Police do this but in the cases presented so far to the public no organization has provided such a reason. On the contrary in some cases the Police Officer is sometimes reprimanded which would seem to indicate there is no reason for this behavior yet we still see it happen.


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The thing is, though, as a former EMT and Paramedic, the police used to have really high regards for us and Firefighters in the past, at least where I lived.  I know of more than a few Emergency service workers who would get a free pass on speeding tickets when the officer learned they were emergency service personnel.


I cannot for the life of me understand what is going on in these places so that the policing forces are acting like this against these emergency personnel.


A cop once told me, after I got pulled over for a ticket and after I was issued my citation he learned I was a paramedic, that if he had known before he would have issued a warning - after all, one day it may be me that is called to the scene to save him. (That's also when I found out that others had been doing that for years).


I'm not asking that this practice of waiving citations continue, but for the love of everything that is on this green earth, can you at least let them perform their jobs correctly?


Or are today's police forces nothing more than glorified hoodlums and gang members? (I know, that is taking it a bit far, but messing with emergency service personnel is a big no no where I come from and live).

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