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[SOLVED] Looking for alpha testers for upcoming MBAE 0.10

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The upcoming MBAE version has been completely re-architected and works as a Windows Service. This fixes some old-time bugs like the disappearing traybar icon.


We need a handful of brave alpha testers who would like to take it for a spin before we release it publicly.


If you are interested, please PM me.





EDIT: alpha testers need a minimum post count and/or have previously helped out with MBAE beta testing. If you've previously helped with MBAE beta in another forum like Wilders, send me a PM from that other forum so I know who you are.

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Am an old geek, 71 yo, and have been working with computers since 1965 starting as programmer on a IBM 65.

Learned long time ago it's better to block malware than remove it. Have been testing and using the beta ver of MBAE for some time now and even recommend it to my customers.

Hope I can be selected to test the alpha ver. 



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Why keep problems private (PM/e-mail) rather than report them here?   By reporting, others can confirm/refute and offer comments... they won't have to re-report the same thing to you... and if the problem is significant enough, people can decide to opt-out and avoid it.

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Simply to keep the issues of the alpha version separate from the forum where users are running a different build in order to not confuse them. Also some users prefer not to post logs publicly as they contain sensitive information like username.


It might be a good idea to create a different sub-forum for alpha/experimental versions.

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I didn't mean to suggest that private information (e.g, real names) be displayed here... names [and/or other confidential information] can easily be edited-out of logs before posting... or if necessary, the log itself can be sent to you via e-mail.

But I do believe a general description of any problems encountered should be posted... and yes, in a separate alpha/experimental thread (or sub-forum) so as not to be confused with other versions.

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Yes, good point. There's some info in the changelog that's included in the installer, but more specifically issues #1, #3 and #4 have been solved. Keep in mind that this build was not designed to solved these specific bugs, but rather the new architecture resulted in the resolution of the bugs.

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Hi ky331,

I've got troubles too, so don't feel alone. :)

About major issue1: If you happen to have EMET, it could be the same problem that I have. (I found IE running in the taskmanager as well, after EMET supposedly killed it. Which is kind of strange.) For me disabling SimExecFlow mitigation for the affected processes worked as a workaround.



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I like the idea of open discussion,as a means of helping users identify issues relative to Operating System and layered Security and think a sub-forum could be a great idea. :)

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Yes to EMET 4.1.   As for the rest on the particular system I was testing:


Win7 Pro x64 SP1;

Panda Cloud Free 2.3

MBAM 2.0 (Testing --- so far, so good)

Windows Firewall

OpenDNS Family Shield



MCShield 3.0

WinPatrol PLUS

SAS (On-demand scanner)

WOT (for IE & FF) set to BLOCK untrustworthy sites.

KeySrambler (for IE)

Zemana Anti-Logger (for all other programs);


Secunia PSI 1.0


I know, it's a lot.   But all seems to work well together.


Remark:   Use of Zemana Anti-Keylogger is recent, and I'm still evaluating it.   Fortunately, it defers to KeyScrambler in IE, so there's no conflict there.   But I'll probably get rid of KeySrambler soon enough.

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You've hit it on the nose there:   By opening EMET and UNchecking SimExecFlow for:



FF + Plug-in Container

Adobe Reader/Acrobat

Windows Media Player


all of these now open/run :D


Note:   Unchecking  FF allows it to open.   But since FF soon calls its Plug-in Container, which will hang the page unless also permitted.

On that basis, I'd have to wonder about other add-ons that are called through another program (e.g., java being invoked via IE.   I doN'T have java on my system, so I can't test things here).

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