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Thank you for accepting bitcoin :)

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hah, ignorance on a tech related forum? what a surprise.

Please at least read the white paper first and release your brainfarts later:



Crypto currencies seem a lot more real than any other alternative at the moment.



Perhaps read a bit yourself. Oh yes we really trust this scam.......



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Saying that is like saying that cars are bad because some car manufacturer decided to defraud their customers. Bitcoin mining manufacturers have nothing to do with the Bitcoin protocol itself. If that article scares you, don't go buying a Bitcoin miner from Butterfly Labs. That article has nothing to do with the currency itself; it is open source and you can go read the source code anytime you'd like.


As theweirdguy mentioned, you can educate yourself further by reading the whitepaper -- https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

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I have read it and do not trust them anymore than i trust the banks. Ergo, i do not trust bit coin until proof is supplied that they are not being used the same way as our currency is in the long run. The fact that their price has jumped ridiculously lately is also scarey. That indicated that it was being used to gain a hold by crooked persons. Suddenly you have people making money for no reason, explain that please.

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I'm certainly not a financial expert and have no degree in finance goldhound but there have been many experts in the field from various Countries that have been investigating Bitcoins and I'm sure they're still being scrutinized but so far no real red flags to shut them down from any Country. Here are some recent articles on the subject that you may find helpful in making up your own mind.

Bitcoin's Legality Around The World

Bitcoin’s Emerging Price Stability

Marc Andreessen Talks Up Bitcoin’s Bright Future

Bitcoin Holders Face Uncertainty Over Tax Returns

Be it bitcoins or dollars, money's value rooted in beliefs

Prominent Bitcoin entrepreneur charged with money laundering

The Emerging Bitcoin Civil War

Bitcoin exchange CEO arrested for money laundering

Bitcoin - Wikipedia



Who owns bitcoin.org?

Bitcoin.org is the original domain name used with the first Bitcoin website. It was registered and is still managed by Bitcoin core developers and by additional community members, with the input of Bitcoin communities. Bitcoin.org is not an official website. Just like nobody owns the email technology, nobody owns the Bitcoin network. As such, nobody can speak with authority in the name of Bitcoin.


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I have read it and do not trust them anymore than i trust the banks.


You don't need to trust anyone as it's a decentralized system. The main point of it is removing trust.


are not being used the same way as our currency is in the long run.


Bitcoin is a whole new concept of money. It's a transparent system without the possibility of manipulating it's properties without the consensus of the nodes.

You cannot do fractional reserve banking, QE and other malicious schemes thanks to the blockchain.

It is a community driven experiment and I'm glad that I have started participating in it and I'm glad to see the growing number of reputable companies/service providers accepting it.

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I think that's an absolute silly assumption because we decided to accept a currency that we think is interesting. It'd be the equivalent of us accepting the Yen.


If you think we're becoming rich, that's an even sillier assumption. Accepting Bitcoin has barely paid for the development work thus far.


But if you'd like to continue making assumptions, carry on.

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