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Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Activator


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This file is reported as clean by my Kaspersky Antivirus, NOD32, Bitdefender


It is flagged by my Norton AV and by my Webroot SecureAnywhere AV though so I put it on the ignore list


Since the big sharks like Kaspersky don't detect it, I believe this is a false positive with no real harm?


Need your expert advice on what this file does please as I am no programmer and don't know what it is altering


SHA256: 46067bcde7fb1006430f97c286d7ac8de915315291c6c542567ae73939f848c8 File name: adobe.acrobat.xi.pro.patch-MPT.exe Detection ratio: 26 / 50 Analysis date: 2014-01-30 16:25:15 UTC ( 1 hour, 49 minutes ago )



PE signature block
Publisher MPT34M
Product Activator
Original name Activator
Internal name MPT34M
File version 1.0
Description cr4cking th3 cod3 4 fun!


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I don't need help with pirated software, I just wanna start using my lifetime license for MBAM but so many false positives


I love how MBAM works to remove threats I just wish it removes real viruses not FPs man


Again, I don't want help with pirated software, this is about saying a file is harmful when it may or may not really be so

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so MBAM is for detecting cracks or real viruses?


This is why I don't use MBAM even though I have a lifetime license, I just wish it could really tell me when I have a virus not a bunch of activator or harmless tracks


at the end of the day, MBAM is not DMCA, it's a security product to detect threats


I do understand that some activators or "cracks" are really harmful and thus I wanted to report these to differentiate between the threats and leave the cracks part to its own

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exactly why I stopped using MBAM! and this enforces my detection! Thank you, I own a computer website / forum and will let people know how MBAM is the highest FP security product out there.


Thank you for your fast and useless replies.

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We detect Malware, which is ANYTHING that is a risk for the user. This to keep our users safe.

keeping users safe from a crack that doesn't do any harm?? riiiiight


this makes me not trust your product and stick to the big security names that know what they're doing


Kaspersky, having a consisten track record in the AV Comparatives tests as shown here for detecting 100% of the viruses and 0 false positives never detects these as either viruses or cracks, they pass the detection


see here: AV-Comparatives - Real World Tests


so please your justification doesn't make sense. Users WANT to be informed if a crack or activator is actually harmful, but there is no sense in simply detecting it as a crack if it does no harm

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