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Not like the instructions say?

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The instructions state:


Scan Logs

Logs generated by scans are stored on the USB drive itself, within folders in the root of the drive, with each subfolder named after the system upon which the scan was performed. This allows you to easily keep track of which scan logs came from which of your customers’ systems.


I do not get this behavior, it saves the logs in the \mbam\Data\Logs and they do not save in folders with the computers names, whats up with that?

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Greetings :)

If you use the launcher, mbtechbench.exe to perform your scans then it will save the logs as detailed in the documentation. However, if you run mbam.exe directly or use Chameleon, it will not as this is a function of mbtechbench.exe. We do plan to address this in a future update so that no matter how the program is run, it will save the logs as specified.

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