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Cannot download a Free Version

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I am trying to download the free version of Malwarebytes.  The first install has given me the 7 day free trial, although I have had it longer than 7 days and it is still going!  The problem is my Netbook is very old and the trial version slows it right down to stop as it updates the version every time I try to log on.  I uninstalled this version having read there is a box to untick to stop the trial version happening.  However the next download did not have a box to untick and still downloaed the trial version, so again I had to uninstall.


Please would someone tell me how to just get the freedownload as this is the only programme my PC is able to handle.  Many thanks

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Hi, and :welcome: , goforgold:


Sorry you are having trouble keeping only the Free version of MBAM on your system.


Just to clarify, the program installer one downloads is the same for both Free and PRO.

When you run the installer, the "wizard" will have a free, **14-day** trial of PRO version enabled by default (via a checkbox).


If you currently have a trial of PRO running and want to go back to Free before the trial expires, please follow the steps in Method 2, making sure to disable/uncheck the free trial of PRO during the installation: MBAM Clean Removal Process


This should get you back to the Free version.


Please let us know how it works for you,




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Hello Goforgold and welcome aboard to Malwarebytes forums.


There is only one single version of our anti-malware program.  You had uninstalled the program, so you will need to get the setup program again.

Run the setup.

This time step thru each install / setup screen carefully.  At the last screen you should un-check the line for "Enable free Trial".

remove the checkmark.  so that it is not checked.


Then constinue to finish the setup.


see the attached screen sample.


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Thank you both for responding so quickly to my dilema !!


Unfortunately there was no box to untick to stop the free trial on any of my downloads, only the second two tick boxes were there, ie the Update and Launch one.  I am puzzled  :(


Sorry Daledoc1 but I didn't understand the procedures for clean removal.  Will just doing an uninstall be sufficient to get rid of the programme?


Many thanks.

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Yes, you can just uninstall the program.

But there's no need to reinstall the program every time you want to run a scan, as you mentioned in your post in the other user's topic. ;)

That would sure be a lot of extra work.


You just need to get back to the Free version.


Method 1:

If you want to cleanly remove all traces of the program and the licensing and revert to the Free version with a clean reinstall, then all you need to do is this:


  • Please download mbam-clean.exe from here to your desktop and save it.
  • Please close all open applications and temporarily shutdown your antivirus to avoid any conflicts when running the tool.
  • Locate the file mbam-clean.exe and double-click to run it and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • It will ask to restart your computer, please allow it to do so very important
  • After the computer restarts, ensure that your antivirus is enabled and download the latest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from here and save it to your desktop.
  • Now close all open applications including your browser and again temporarily disable your antivirus as before and launch the Malwarebytes installer you just downloaded.
  • If you have never tried the PRO version Trial and wish to do use the trial, then leave the Trial checkmark enabled (if you see it offered).
  • >>>>>For you, if you want to keep the Free version only, please make sure to uncheck the Trial checkbox near the end of the installation -- if you do not see the checkbox for the free trial during the install wizard, then just skip this.
  • Please make sure you check for updates at the end of the installation and before every scan.
  • Make sure you have re-enabled your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security applications.


Method 2:

ALTERNATIVELY, if you already are running a trial of PRO and have a few days left on the trial of PRO, it might be easier just to wait for it to expire.

Then, when it does, it will automatically revert back to the Free version.


To stop the notifications of the trial ending, you would then follow these steps: I keep getting notified that my trial has expired, how do I revert to the free version?


It sounds harder than it is -- perhaps it might help to print out the instructions.

Then just take your time. :)


Hope this helps,



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Righto, second cup of coffee and I've done exactly as your instructions stated - not difficult at all after a good night's sleep !!


The downloaded didn't give any choices at all, and didn't show the 3 tick boxes at the end, as my previous installs did.  Not sure whether it's the free version or the Pro version I have at the moment as not sure where to check for this information.


What I do have though is an icon on my task bar which I presume will open this programme every time I boot up the netbook and this is where it will slow everything down as I presume it will download the latest version which has been happening in the past. Or is it only the Pro version that updates the version on a daily basis please?  By the way after the download it updated to the latest version from 2013.04.04.07 to 2014.01.30.03.  I am now wondering how I stop the programme from automatically starting up?


The download Curry's put on my PC doesn't update, on checking the version all it says on that one is  I don't want to mess with my new PC in case I end up with a trial of Pro again, although my new PC would of course handle anything very swiftly so would be an inconvenience.


Sorry to bother you again.

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A little knowledge is very dangerous !!  Just checked the download on my PC and found out more information - I did a scan the other day and it shows the date 2014. and I see a tab which enables me to get the latest updates, which I have done and which is so speedy on the new PC.  What I would like to to be able to do is choose whether I want to download the latest updates on my Netbook and not have it open at Start as my old netbook cannot take the strain.  Oh I wish I could afford a new netbook !!

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I'm sorry but I am a bit confused.


You mention a "PC" and a "netbook".


>>>Are you talking about 2 different computers?


>>>If so, what -- if anything -- is the issue or problem with MBAM that you might be having on each of the systems?


We might need to collect some logs about the computers to help the staff determine what's going on.

But first it would help to know how many computers and what the problems might be.





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