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Java-based malware hits Windows, Mac and Linux


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Java-based malware hits Windows, Mac and Linux
Posted on 29.01.2014

Kaspersky Lab researchers have recently analysed a piece of malware that works well on all three of the most popular computer operating systems - the only thing that it needs to compromise targeted computers is for them to run a flawed version of Java.




The Trojan is written wholly in Java, and exploits an unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2013-2465) in the JRE component in Oracle Java SE 7 Update 21 and earlier, 6 Update 45 and earlier, and 5.0 Update 45 and earlier.


Shy's note: Latest Oracle Java SE 7 Update 51 is NOT affected by this malware.


Once the malware is launched, it copies itself into the user’s home directory and sets itself to run every time the system is booted. It then contacts the botmasters' IRC server via the IRC protocol, and identifies itself via a unique identifier it generated.

The malware's main reason of existence is to make the infected machine flood specified IP addresses with requests when ordered to via a predefined IRC channel. The botmasters simply have to define the address of the computer to be attacked, the port number, the duration of the attack, and the number of threads to be used in it.

At the time of analysis, the botnet formed by machines "zombified" by this particular Trojan was targeting a bulk email service.



SOURCE: https://www.net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=2693



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Danke !


I don't know you guy's opinion on this but I'm one of those people that keep my system more, or less, updated and anyone still running Java SE 7 Update 21 and earlier deserve what they get. <_<


In other words I DON'T suffer fools gladly.. (And I'm kind of a nice person... in most cases.) :P



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Nobody DESERVES malware (well there are some selected individuals...) and it is difficult to maintain software currency when there are so many newbies who don't understand that owning and using a PC has responsibilities.  Much like the idiot who walks into a busy street, with oncoming traffic, and fails to "look" because they have their bloody face buried in a cell phone.

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