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MultipleSvchost,Overheating,bitcoin miner and probably more... HELP

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hi,my other laptop (this one too maybe but who cares) is infected by what i think every bad stuff u could get from internet,every component is overheating at 70° idle,multiple host,i tough was a bitcoin miner so i found around in this forum others with that problem,i tried roguekiller,mbam,combofix adwcleaner,still high temperature withing 1 minute from opening,most sad thing is after i uninstalled combofix,i cant connect to internet from that machine (i can with this one) mbam first scan found like 300+ bad things,i had removed them rebooted,(did this 2 or 3 times)roguekiller deleted a couple of regitry stuff,rebooted, problem still here,combofix,did....something and internet was cool,i uninstalled it ,and internet cant indentificate my connection anymore,i mean is connected but no internet acces,Yuo guys are my last resort,if this will not worki have to completely backup the system to his factory ,and his pretty sad because i have the hard disk kinda full.


pls Help

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Hi T3tr4kt3,


Welcome to the forum.

For malware removal, please read Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers . In this topic it's explained how to get help from the local malware-removal-experts. If you still have the logs from combofix, roguekiller and the other software you used, please attach those to your topic in the malware-removal subforum. It might help repairing the damage.

Good luck!


I hope this helped. If you have any questions, please post & ask.

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