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Error error code 1084


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Keep getting an error code that states, runtime error "1084", word cannot open this document template. (C:\...\~$ilt-In Building Blocks.dotx) I'm using a program called InSpectit Pro for Texas that is based on word. IT said to delete my * exd files and reinstall there files from there web site, then repair my word program from control panel. This procedure does not work now they want $259 to take control and research it and try to repair.

Any thoughts? I've attached two files from DDS program



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Hi grrrweldon,


Welcome to the forum.


Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. You were referring to the software described at the site below?


Assuming that you did.

So the full software package costs about 400 dollar and the repair attempt will cost a bit over half that?  :blink:

Let's say I'd advise considering other options first. Like fixing it yourself.


With my shock out of the way:

A little research indicates that this kind of errors occur in Word if the template (the .dotx-file) is messed up, corrupted or something like that.

Just to be sure, Word is the program giving the runtime error?

Can you open other .dotx files? If so, how hard would rebuilding/redownloading the template be? Can you get a copy of an intact file from someone else?


if Word seems messed up. Libreoffice understands .dotx-files.  (Can be downloaded at "http://www.libreoffice.org/download" or "http://portableapps.com/apps/office/libreoffice_portable" use the protable version for testing as it is easier to remove.) You don't have to use M$ Word.


Please note that I am just a home user trying to help out. This was the result of a bit of research. I hope it will help you a bit further and I'd like to know how it works out. As always, if you have any questions please post & ask.







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Durew, thx for the info and yes u were right it is AHIT I also graduated from there training system several years back  after spending lots time and  $$$$$$. It was a good program but it is also time consuming to use. I now use a new program called Home Gauge that most of all HI use across the country and I like it, very fast and easy and also the tech support is fantastic. What happened was Texas (TREC) changed the mandated report form starting in Jan. of this year that all HI here have to use. With that said we had to change the report Templates to reflect the changes. This is where it all started. There tech support people with AHIT stated they no longer sell this product so we were pretty much left on our own to rewrite the codes/templates. I did what u said and tried the program but it does not support macros for word only some for excel, It does give some options to try to get them to work so I will play with it more and see but for now I'll stick with my new reporting program. Just wanted a backup program to use in case of the need. 

Thx again and glad to see people like u out there to help us less unfortunate want to be geeks(lol)   

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Late reply on this but the ~ tilde sign is an indication of a crashed or open file. If the file is not open then the program crashed and left that file behind.

Move the file ~$ilt-In Building Blocks.dotx to another location and then launch the program and try to run it again. If the vendor is purposefully using a ~ sign as part of the file name then they really need to stop doing that.

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