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[SOLVED] A-E stops legitimate programmes from running.


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I am a happily registered user of MBAM, and noted the opportunity to download Anti-exploit.
On occasions it prevents legitimate software (long established and often used before A-E) from starting up. I can see no way of shutting it down, or going 'around it' in order to run this software, and also I do not fully understand how it should work. Do you advise removing "Anti-Exploit" in order to run this other registered software?
Many thanks

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Hi richardsable,


Welcome to the forum.

To address your question to my best knowledge: There are some 'work arounds; I'll list two: First try to open MBAE (malwarebytes anti-exploit) and go to the log, try to find the detected exploit and add it to the exclusion list by selecting the log entry and clicking on 'exclude'.

If that doesn't work, try to turn MBAE's protection off. This can be done be opening the screen of MBAE (double click on the icon in you system tray), closing all other applications and clicking on 'stop protection'. This may take a while. (especially if you didn't stop all other applications.) See if you still can't start the legitimate software.

If this is the case, terminate MBAE by right-clicking on the icon and choose 'exit'. See if this solves it. If it doesn't I don't think MBAE is the problem. Consider de-installing it anyway. If that doesn't work either, please tell us.


If you happen to be using EMET, please take a look over here. the issue might already be known. EMET+MBAE may hinder/block google chrome and adobe acrobat pro.


As MBAE is in beta the developers are looking for bugs to fix. So I think they'd like to know a bit more about you problem. Some things I think they want to know (for both debugging purposes as well as being able to provide better assistance.)


Could you tell which programs are prevented from starting up?

Do you get the 'exploit attempt blocked' message when the legitimate program tries to start?

Do you use EMET? If so, does it have deep hooks enabled? Is EAF mitigation enabled?

What operating system do you use?

Does turning off MBAE stop the problem from occurring?


If pbust disagrees with me or gives other advise, than listen to pbust. pbust is the MBAE expert here, I'm just a home user..


I hope this will help you to navigate around the problems you are experiencing. If you have any questions, please post and ask.

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