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I can't purchase Antimalwarebytes Pro


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It looks like they need to make their web page more user friendly.


I want to purchase malwarebytes pro and get a CD. I go to their web page that says I can get a 20% discount. I click on the 'Apply discount' button, and am taken to a form page that needs to be filled out. I'm not given a discount, and I'm not given the option to get a CD. The button says 'buy now.'  If I click on that, I'm taken to a page that adds sales tax, and again says 'buy now.' No discount, no CD. Then it goes to paypal for final payment.


So, it looks like I can't purchase the software from them.


They need to get their web pages straightened out. And they need to stop saying buy now, buy now, buy now. They need to let you know when it's the final step of the process.


I'm not going to screw around with them for much longer. I'll just get free stuff off the internet.

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Hi harryhh,


I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble with buying Malwarebytes antimalware PRO.

When I read your story I must admit that I do not recognize your story. Via the http://www.malwarebytes.org/ site I see no discounts offered. When I click the "buy pro now" button I see no discount either, nor do I see any 'apply discount now' button or any 'buy now'. In addition the site offers me to, beside using paypal, to pay with ideal, wire transfer or a credit card. So now I wonder, what site did you try to use to buy Malwarebytes anti-malware pro?

Could you try the link I provided and clicking the 'buy pro now' button and see if you run into the same problems?


(I should note that I am no malwarebytes employee.)

I hope that this will help solve you problem. If you have any questions or run into trouble with the site I linked to, please post and tell or ask.

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