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The new form of licensing - Keep the old?


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If I understood a friend correctly, MBAM was supposed to change from a "free" license to a subscription-based thingamajiggery. Is this true?

If so, can I keep my old license/keep with the old and still get updates?

I much preferred MBAM for malware because of the subscription model (and the software ofcourse, but this might be too much of a turnoff from the paid version...)

Anyway, love the program, keep being awesome MBAM.

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Hi, Freddyfred5:


MBAM Free will remain just that -- a free, on-demand, manual scanner.  It must be manually updated to the current database before running a scan.


MBAM PRO which is currently a one-time purchase, lifetime license for consumers for use on home computers will be replaced with MBAM Premium, and a subscription-based, renewable license.  The details of this have not yet been released, as the new version is not yet even in public beta release.

(Please keep an eye out on social media sites, this forum thread, this forum thread and the MBAM blog for news.)


However, it is important to point out that if you have a lifetime PRO license now, it will remain a lifetime license for the new version.



Hope this helps & thank you for your support,



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Hi, Freddyfred5:
I'm glad I could help. :)
Please note: MBAM 2.0 BETA has been released for public testing.
Use of the BETA is free to test for all home users, regardless of whether or not they have a current 1.x PRO license.

Once 2.0 is released in its final form to consumers (target late March), all current lifetime licenses will be converted to 2.0 lifetime licenses & they will remain 1 lifetime license per computer.
However, new consumer licenses will move to an annual, renewable subscription model - the good news is that each new annual license will cover 3 computers, not 1.
This is all explained here: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.00 Beta Test -- DOWNLOAD
Bottom line -- if your friends and family would like to purchase a lifetime consumer license for MBAM PRO, they should do so in the next few weeks, while they are still available.


Thanks for your support.





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