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Application has failed, unable to locate Component MSVCR80


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Hello, I posted this on your Malware Board and I think I was probably suppose to post it here. I apologize if that is so.


When I start up my computer this message comes up,

"APSDAEMON.exe unable to locate component"..

"Application has failed, unable to locate component MSVCR80.dll." "Reinstalling the application may fix this page."


Could someone please help me and tell me where to go from here? Thanksss


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Hi, Auntbee:


Welcome. :)

Actually, your other post in the malware removal section is, in fact, a good place to start for your issue. :)


I would suggest that you please wait for a helper there.

The forum can be quite busy and many of the expert helpers are volunteers.

So, it can sometimes take a day or so for someone to become available to assist you.

(Also, by "bumping" your post, it changes the reply count from "0". The helpers use that to scan the board for threads still needing help.  So, it might have been overlooked because it appeared that you were already being helped.)


Please be patient -- someone will help you as soon as possible.

In the interim, you might want to read this pinned topic, as your helper will likely ask for the preliminary logs described here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=9573.

However, it would be best NOT to bump the topic again.

Please wait for your helper to request the logs.





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Hello daledoc1,

I was wondering how long I should wait, or if I should start a new thread? I am thinking that it was probably over looked by my bumping it, like you said might happen. I posted it on Saturday. I don't mind waiting, I realize they are VERY busy with requests. Just wondering what you would suggest!
Thanks for your time!!

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It appears that your other post may have been overlooked -- the forum has been VERY busy and the extra replies likely made it appear that you were being helped. :(


Rather than starting a new topic, I would suggest sending a PM to a member of the mod team, such as gringo_pr or AdvancedSetup.

They can look into getting you a helper.


Please stay with that other topic until you get the "all clear" from the helper.


Thanks for your patience and understanding,



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@Porthos --




Yes, that did/does seem to be the case. ;)


A few forum newcomers must have found AuntBee's malware removal post by Google search, as they posted on top of her in that thread, pointing to the iTunes update.

The mod team did remove the "hijacker" posts, and it looks as if AdvancedSetup is working with AuntBee to run some routine scans.

I guess this will turn out to be a non-malware issue, after all.





I would suggest that you might want to continue to let AdvancedSetup help you get your system tidied up.

You were patient to wait for help and it can't hurt to have the forum Admin get your system buffed.





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Thanks good friend, daledoc1. I will certainly do that.
Actually, now that I think about it, it did happen after an update of some sort wouldn't update. Not sure if it was Itunes, Apple update or what. Should I mention that on the MalWarebytes board?


Thank you Malware Hunters, as well!!

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