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black screen after login in windows 7 if MBAM Pro Protection started with windows

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I purchased a license for MBAM about 3 days ago after I became infected with Conduit through a download of "Vector Clocks" from softonic. Virus was removed with a manual MBAM scan and I decided since I'd been using MBAM all these years I'd buy the license and have it protect me in real time. BIG MISTAKE


Since then I have consistently experienced black screens after entering my logon and password in windows 7 ultimate. The screen goes black with just the mouse cursor and the cursor can be moved but no other interaction is possible - a hard or soft reset is required. I am able to boot into safe mode so decided to restore from a restore point and I can then get into windows OK but the problem re-occurred on next boot. Restoration of a full drive image using acronis from a weekly backup (stored off-line and could NOT have been infected), exhibited the same problem. However I gradually realised that in every case on my first succesfull boot after restoring I re-entered my license details in MBAM and activated protection startup with Windows.


If I deactivate protection mode start up in MBAM I am able to happily boot into windows. If I enable protection mode manually Windows soon locks up and I am unable to do anything but reset or shut down and restart. Everything them works normally so long as I do not activate protection (the very thing I paid for).


I would appreciate some advice about what is going on? Version is Build Date 5/04/2013 5:50:30 AM




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I purchased a license for MBAM about 3 days ago after I became infected with Conduit

Hello and :welcome: , djmalc:


Sorry to hear you are having system issues after cleaning up from an infection.


It sounds as if there could be malware remnants or damage from the infection.


We can't work on this sort of thing in this particular section of the forum.

So I would suggest that you please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

A malware analyst will assist you with cleaning the machine and with repairing the system damage, if needed.



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