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China's unwelcome export to the US: air pollution

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Yes, no doubt however the issue is that I've lived here in California for many years now and as a teenager the air pollution was horrific.  The air quality management district of California worked on many proposals and laws to combat that and by my early adulthood the quality of air had greatly improved.  Only recently in the past year has pollution once again gotten to the point where you now see polluted skies often instead of occasionally.  I actually even asked some friends a few months ago what they thought might be the cause of recent change and if perhaps China was somehow at least on some scale adding to the pollution in our skies.  Seeing a similar article the other day only brought confirmation for me.  It's a complex issue I'm sure as are many of mankind's issues are and with no immediate answer or fix I'm also sure.



Most air pollution in the U.S. is produced locally by cars, trucks, refineries and other sources.

But powerful global westerly winds can move airborne chemicals across the Pacific in days, according to the researchers.

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A frightening number from that article : an estimated 500 000 people in China die each year from pollution.


And take a look at this : http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2013/10/21/chinese-city-shut-down-by-off-the-charts-pollution/


Industrialization does that. I'll have to look up what's going on with India and other *emerging* countries as well.


I live roughly 400 miles North of the Canada/US border (somewhere above the Great Lakes, slightly to the East), and dominent winds being from the South West, we got a lot of *stuff* from US industries. Particles, acid rain, you name it. There are better controls now and many industries have closed, so the situation has improved here. We pollute too, and the wind brings our junk up to the Arctic :(

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