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When I start my computer I get a pop-up with the title "Themida" and gives a message of "An internal exception occurred (Address: 0x504f2d) Please, contact support@oreans.com.  Thank you!".


I have never installed anything with this name.  There is also nothing with this name in the add/remove programs list.


I have run Malwarebytes (free) and got nothing

AVG anti-virus (free)

Junkware Removal tool



I still get the popup at startup.  I've done a search for themida and for oreans.  Nada.  Any ideas on how to get rid of this.  Lots of searching tells me its a virus of some sort.  Although there also seem to be legit websites talking about it.  hard to tell.

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Hi NobleCentaur,


I'd advise taking a look over here: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers.


Oh, and the site of Themida is over here

. Never the less, I don't trust it's presence for a bit, certainly since it is quite expensive so you'd remember buying it. (Though it could be a left over from a previous owner). Its descriptions make me think of crypters, but I'm no expert in this. So my advise remains: get your computer checked out by some malware removal experts, read Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers. on how to do that.


I hope this helped. If you have any questions, please post & ask.

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I just ran across Themida and Oreans using ESET Online Scanner; found in a file from a reputable audio plugin company based in France: https://fluxhome.com/about/

The company uses iLok technology to protect their licenses; the file was an iLok Support Update file they released in 2012. It is likely that they used technology from http://www.oreans.com/

Not saying that a Themida detection is valid or not; just lending more context to the discussion. Could be valid, but after the CCleaner infection a few months ago, I suppose anything is possible - (CCleaner is a very popular junk file removal tool recommended by many big tech writers, including Ed Bott, the guy who writes the Windows Inside and Out Editions - an update of CCleaner was infected with the Floxif Trojan a few months ago, supposedly when it was transferred to the distribution servers. The problem was fixed, but it is a cautionary experience - any software update could conceivably be altered & infected if the system is infiltrated).

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