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MalwareBytes Rescue CD download

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Hello I am kasinath. Iam from chennai, India.


I have recently purchased MalwareBytes pro with rescue cd.


Even after 18 days of purchase I have not yet received the rescue cd by post.


Is there any way to download the rescue cd as iso file to make bootable cd.


As stated in other posts rescue cd become obsolete because of regular updates.

So any way to get the latest iso file or way to update the existing iso file to make rescue bootable cd.





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Hello and :welcome: , KASINATH:
I think there might be a bit of confusion? :)
AFAIK, there is no MBAM "Rescue CD" or bootable CD.
In fact, MBAM is not designed to run that way and running the consumer program from a bootable CD may be a violation of the EULA.
(I agree that "To the Rescue CD" is a confusing name that might convey the message that it's a Rescue CD, in the sense of other "Rescue CDs", such as Kaspersky Rescue Disk, etc.)
There *is* a "product backup" CD, that includes Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM), as well as some other tools (see screen shot), such as Chameleon.
While these tools can be used to try to get MBAM to run on a heavily infected machine, they are not designed for burning to an ISO on a bootable disk.
Is "product backup CD" the CD to which you are referring & which still has not arrived long after your order?
If so, did you purchase online from the MBAM store?
In that case, the best bet would probably be to contact the reseller, Cleverbridge.
Their contact information is here: Why is my payment processed by Cleverbridge?

Hope this helps for starters -- the staff may have some additional clarification,




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