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Yontoo 2.051 Virus

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Hello, I have found out that my computer has a virus called Yontoo 2.051 and I am able t get to the uninstall page however, it is asking me: -

 Welcome to the Yontoo Uninstaller. Please follow the directions below to continue with uninstall. Please close all browsers before you continue.

Please type the characters in the image above into the field below and click the 'Begin Uninstall' button.

My question is if I do this will the virus be removed? Or is there a catch just wondering why its asking me to write the letter in. Just a little wary due to it actually being a virus. Anyone that can shed some light on the situation would be appreciated.

Thank You


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Welcome to the forum, they just want to make sure you're a person that's doing the uninstall.

I've never came across anyone that used the uninstaller, Yontoo is really not a virus...just adware.

If you want to try it, go ahead or we can manually remove it.

Post a link to the uninstaller if you could.


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