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I was asking if your machine could be used by others for bit coins . Is there a place to read up on what that system is all about and how to obtain them for I have heard that stores are now taking them .

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Hi whonew,


Yes, your machine could be infected and used to mine BitCoins for other people. There is an article from 2013 in the Malwarebytes blog about it called "Ransomeware Puts Your System To Work Mining BitCoins". There are probably other articles about it too, but I don't remember all the links :P .

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  • Root Admin

The use of Bitcoins itself is not going to infect your computer. There are certainly attacks that attempt to either steal or use your computer as a resource but that is not due to Bitcoins themselves.

Here are some recent articles about Bitcoins

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Bitcoin Holders Face Uncertainty Over Tax Returns

Be it bitcoins or dollars, money's value rooted in beliefs

Prominent Bitcoin entrepreneur charged with money laundering

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Bitcoin exchange CEO arrested for money laundering

Bitcoin - Wikipedia



Who owns bitcoin.org?

Bitcoin.org is the original domain name used with the first Bitcoin website. It was registered and is still managed by Bitcoin core developers and by additional community members, with the input of Bitcoin communities. Bitcoin.org is not an official website. Just like nobody owns the email technology, nobody owns the Bitcoin network. As such, nobody can speak with authority in the name of Bitcoin.

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That is to funny , a CEO in trouble for money laundering? I remember in the early 1980's on the Short Form to file my taxes, and never laughed so hard in my life . I wish I still had those instruction and I might if I look hard enough. That form actually said "Place your income from money laundering on this line ". I assume that made it leagal?

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