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www.ezydvd.com being blocked as malicious


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For some reason starting today when I try to connect to www.ezydvd.com which is a reputable australian DVD retailer which I have been using for years Malwarebytes is now blocking it as a potentially malicious website. Multiple blocks come up at the same time.


Also - what is odd is when I go direct to their australian homepage which is www.ezydvd.com.au (note the .au at the end) I can still connect to the site normally without any IP blocks.


So how can www.ezydvd.com be bad whilst www.ezydvd.com.au be good when they are both one and the same ?


I have attached todays protection log for you to look at.


Please can you look into the matter for me - as I say this is one of Australia's largest and most reputable online entertainment retailers which I have have been shopping with for years.


I have never had any problems with this site before.



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Though the sites are indeed the same, they're routing through different IPs (4 IPs on 96.45.82.*), which is why one is blocked and the other isn't.


Never the less, the block has been scheduled for removal for the next update (should be out within an hour or so)

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Thank you for the prompt reply.


Although I am pleased that the block is scheduled for removal shortly can you tell me what prompted the block in the first place ?


Everything was fine with this site yesterday and it has never happened before.


Do you have reason to believe they were compromised in any way by malicious activity ?

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