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Best Anti Virus-malware-spyware software combination?


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I was just wondering what the best combination for threats would be? I dont like Norton so i ended up uninstalling it. after doing a bit of research i have Ad-Aware free version running with real time protection for virus and spyware, and MBAM free version for malware. To me this seems right. Does anyone have any other opionions of a stronger perhaps better combination i could or should be using?

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Here is a list of known antivirus products over on the Wikipedia site.  Comparison of antivirus software

There are quite a few.  This is in no way an endorsement by the Malwarebytes Corporation but is an opinion of a few Security Experts that if one of these antivirus vendors are not detecting a file as infected then it's either a very new zero-day unkown infection or potentially a false positive.


There are certainly many other good antivirus products out there and again this is only the opinion of some Security Experts we've spoken with.

These are also good well known antivirus products in alphabetic order.


If you really want to discuss antivirus and other security products in more detail then the Wilders Security Forums is an excellent resource to do so.

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Thanks for that thoughtful and informative reply, as always!




It looks as if you are still working with Maniac on your infected system?

It's certainly a good idea to research AV and AM programs now, perhaps to improve your security setup.

There are many, many options, both Free and PAID, and there is no "best" product for all computers and all users.

Selection depends on many variables: your computer hardware/specs, computing practices, budget, comfort level with computer software, etc.


However, it would be advisable to wait until Maniac has given you the "all clear" before you try to change or install new programs, especially security applications, anti-virus programs, etc.  Making changes to the system during cleanup can confuse things & complicate the cleanup effort.  And you might even have trouble trying to install an AV on an infected system.  Maniac will likely have some suggestions and recommendations for you when you are done with your malware cleanup, too.


Just a thought from another home user. :)





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