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Thank you Malwarebytes, you saved my relative from spending 500$ on a new PC!


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Before I had exclusively suggested AVG 2014 to everybody, as it had never let me down.


My relative noticed something funny going on her PC, and I did a virus scan with AVG 2014.

It detected a backdoor trojan called backdoor.PoisonIvy.BQ, but couldn't remove it and it constantly showed up in scans.

So I was writing a post on AVG forums to ask for help, and feces hit the fan.

Text was selecting itself, removing, closing windows, and a rainbow screen with Windows XP styled checkboxes appeared.

I was pretty freaked out, and I pulled the plug. I had to change all of my passwords, just because of AVG letting me down.

So on my working PC I edited the poorly written AVG forums post due to the shock of everything deleting itself, and I wrote a blog worthy report.

A week passed with no replies, and then I finally got an email stating that my thread on the forums had been replied to.

And it was this big fancy admin, and his entire post was to submit the virus that had taken over a PC completely and submit it to them with great risk of my own digital security. AVG was freaking useless.

A month passed, and I was over at my relatives for Christmas Eve dinner. I asked if I could fix her computer after the holidays, after I caught wind of Malware Bytes being designed to remove threats that huge security vendors couldn't. After the computer was back on it was very slow, but acting somewhat normally. I inserted my USB with several big name anti-viruses and tested them out.

Spybot 2.0 flopped over and did nothing.

ESET spazzed out over something stupid, and didn't remove the virus.

Avira didn't do anything.

And malware bytes did it.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I also used Adwcleaner that I found off of these forums, and AVG and it's ridiculously useless search engine was never used again. I've since then used AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes to clean up everybody's computers that they would let me fix. My family has had awful luck with money, and you've saved us from a lot of grief.

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