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Are there mbam scan exit codes for detections?

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I found the 7xx exit codes for mbam internal errors in the FAQ, but would like to know if there is a list of codes for "/scan" operations with normal completion when malicious items are detected. I would like to run mbam in scheduled scripts that post basic pass/fail results that tell the admin to go look at the logs next time he/she checks the system and finds a fail (detected items) condition. Or will I need the script to parse the logs to look for "detections"?

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  • Root Admin

The codes for the product are mostly no longer valid.  We are working on an update to the FAQ but it's still a ways out before completion.


You would need to script to parse out the detections.  As what you're doing certainly appears to be business related please note that we do make an Enterprise Edition where that information is reported back into a admin console.


Thank you

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Thanks for the quick reply on a non-critical post! Hope you weren't working late, maybe just on an off shift.


I'm a retired sys admin so I'm not responsible for a business/enterprise evironment anymore, just used to setting up my own systems that way. Parsing out the log file will refresh my perl script skills, so that's a good tradeoff.

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