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PUPS removal

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Hi paulvive,


I had some difficulty understanding your problem/question, but I'll give it a try.

From what I understand you want to open the logfile of a scan that you have completed. Attached is a screenshot that shows the log-page of MBAM. Just open the MBAM interface, click on the "Logs" tab to get to the 'place' the picture shows. Select a log file and click "Open". This opens the logfile and (for scans) it shows with what setting the scan was preformed and what files and registry keys were deleted (and some other stuff like your OS). This logfile is openend in notepad so you should be able to copy whatever you like of it.

It has been quite some time ago since MBAM caught anything on my system so I'm not sure but I believe I doesn't show the files that were detected but did not try to delete. (This could happen if you don't check everything for removal.)


If you have the Pro version you can also get logs of the stuff MBAM tried/did to day.


The 'name' of the log as shown in the logs-tab of MBAM contains the path to the file, so you can open it without using MBAM as well.


I hope this answered your question. If I misinterpreted your question please add a little more info about what you are trying and what problems you run into. Consider using screenshots. If you have any questions left, please post & ask.





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If MBAM is not removing the PUPS and you need further assistance I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

Thank you


@AS: I believe that getting help with that was the reason paulvive wanted to acces the logs. (see this topic)

Firefox is providing assistance over there and requested the scanlogs. I think Firefox wants to rule out some non-malware causes first before he redirects paulvive to malware removal. (thus my advice below.)


@paulvive: If you decide to follow the advise of AdvancedSetup (AS), please tell Firefox so he knows what happend. (Note that Firefox is allowed to help people with malware removal. Albeit not in this subforum.)

As Firefox is one of the experts AS mentioned (trusted advisor in this case), I'd advice sticking with him in this topic for a while. Firefox will give you the same advice as AdvancedSetup as soon as he suspects malware (and he is trained in dealing with malware). I think Firefox want to rule out some non-malware causes first. (You could, for example, have forgotten something small like marking the PUP's for removal before clicking 'remove selected'.) I think AS did not notice that you're recieving help from one of the 'trusted advisors' already. Which would lead to the advice he gave you.

Last but not least: If my post suddenly disappears or AS posts again with instructions that contradict mine in any way, then ignore what I wrote in this post and do as he writes. I'm just a home user after all.

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