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Protection module: Ignore List

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Protection tab:

(1) Enable website blocking checkbox selected

(2) There is no way to list exceptions to websites that I deem safe for me that you do not think safe

(3) logical conclusion: Try the Ignore List tab


Ignore List tab:

(1) There is not way to list websites that you consider malicious but I know to me ok for me.

(2) In fact, there are no options to scanning any websites

(3) Suggests to me that this tab was not meant to list any websites that I specifically do not want scanned 


If I select the Enable Website Blocking option under the Protection Tab, I must accept without exception what you consider to be malicious. All of the browsers I use have this type of protection or similar protection and have an exception list (White List) that I can make exceptions to their black list.


Is this by design or am I missing something. It is tiresome to have to disable the option every time I used said site (never a problem with it) and then re-enable the option when I am done. If it is by design, please consider it as a future option to the software.



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Hello and :welcome: , shujin:
Sorry you are having difficulties with the IP blocking module.
It might be noted that MBAM PRO is probably blocking a particular IP for a reason, as explained here: What does it mean when I get an IP alert about blocking a 'malicious' site?
If you get IP blocks while viewing the web page, MBAM could be blocking banner ads or other content.
If you cannot even view the page in question, it might well be that there is malicious content on that IP range.
If you think that the block might be a False Positive, you might wish to report both the IP and the URL here: Website Blocking
The MBAM engineers will investigate whether or not it is a FP.
If it is a FP, they will remove the block.
Doing so would be a safer first step than it would be to ignore the IP.
However, if you wish to do so, it's not hard.
The steps to ignore an IP are explained here: How do I unblock a site which Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocks?


Having said that, there may be some additional configuration options of the IP blocking module with an upcoming version of MBAM PRO, at a future time.


Hope this helps,




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