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mbam pro failed every SpyShelter Test (Tool 1.1)

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After downloading above test tool shocked to find that my pc failed every single malware test , as follows :-

(1) keylogging (2) screen logging (3) clipboard monitoring (4) two registry access tests , reg values added & "It was not blocked by the protection" (5) driver registration test -reported that "trojans can control computer"(6) two physical memory access tests- reported that "trojans can control computer"


My pc is windows xp with  mbam pro , mbam anti exploit and avast 8 antivirus plus win patrol and windows firewall all running in real time. None detected these simulated infections / malware.

Please respond & advise   thanks

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Actually I wouldn't call SpyShelter no name software, everything I've read about it pretty much confirms that it is an excellent firewall and anti keylogger.


Brough, the test you took is for key loggers, none of the security software you have are specifically designed to catch key loggers. For that you could try SpyShelter, Zemana or Online Armour firewall.

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  • Root Admin

The test though is that a test and much of what they appear to judge on seems to relate to something more like a HIPS program which our program is not.


We don't code our software to try to pass test from various vendors coming up with these tests over and over.   If you have real in the wild malware then we will almost certainly detect it.


As others in the industry have noted, we gained quite a lead in a flooded security market so we must be doing something right.  We are growing and looking at other technologies but as said what I think you may be looking for is a HIPS program that can monitor behavior.

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