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Is There A Difference In The FBI Virus Lockscreen Virus Browser Version vs. Regular

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Excuse me if this isn't the right forum for this question, as I looked at the descriptions for ALL forums, and none seemed to fit exactly appropriate. I've already rid myself of this (FBI Lockscreen, Trojan.LockScreen), or at least any malware or ransomware that was on my XP computer. Thus, I'm NOT really asking for HELP or ASSISTANCE for getting rid or exiling this bad boy, just wanted to know some information for my own edification. However, I was curious as to whether there is a difference between the BROWSER version of this bad boy and the "regular" or FULL version that locks up your PC period. I ask because I was lucky/fortunate enough that I was running Google Chrome, and was able to go into it's application-specific task manager and "End Process" the tab, and it went away, and I had no further issues really, and then to be safe I ran MalwareBytes & Norton 360 Premier, and both got rid of some malware, and then I did the Norton-specific instructions and finished that 7 step program. Then I re-ran FULL scans in BOTH Norton and MalwareBytes, in which BOTH came back clean (and I feel confident the thing is gone). I'm was just curious as to whether the two versions work differently or whatnot? If it makes it easier to answer, I believe it was the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section virus version of the virus/malware/ransomware or some hybrid variation (however, I don't EXACTLY remember the page's layout 100%)...



Thanks For Any Added Education You Can Contribute In Advance,


Joe W.

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Well, per pondus, I'm posting the below log (the one before the malware was eliminated and exiled). As I had alluded to before, it's obvious that either MalwareBytes and/or Norton 360 Premier effectively took care of whatever Malware was on my computer, so I'm not asking for help or assistance ridding this heathen, I just need to know if there is a difference between the version that presents itself as locking down just your browser (except for me it locked my tab, meaning I was temporarily unable to close it) and the one I've read about on different forums (here, Norton, and a few others) that seems to lock down your whole computer.


I define it that way because I was able to access everything else on my PC (Windows XP), as well as ALL my other tabs within my browser (and close the ones that DIDN'T pop up with the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section virus version). Then, since I was using Google Chrome as my browser that day, I went into Chrome's program-specific task manager and was able to close the "infected" tab successfully (without much trouble). Then I exited from the browser, restarted PC, went back on Chrome, opened a few tabs & new windows (everything worked fine & closed normally), and then exited Chrome again and tried a few normal programs (word processor, spreadsheet, game(s), and an app I programmed in Java and one in C++). Everytrhing worked fine and perfectly. Then for safety sake, I ran FULL scans in MalwareBytes & Norton, in which each one found some Malware (MalwareBytes 2 occurrence/files; Norton 1 single occurrence), and removed it! I then rebooted my PC, checked my browsers again (perfectly fine), ran WordPerfect & Quattro Pro, closed all those apps, and ran FULL scans on both MalwareBytes & Norton again (BOTH came back clean), and haven't really thought or worried about it since.


I wanted to educated myself on this FBI virus (and all its variations & mutations) thing a little bit more, so I looked it up on these forums, Norton's, McAfee's, and few others; and consequently read about some users who had their whole PC locked, some who just had their browser locked, and was wondering (for my own edification) whether their was a difference in how they worked. That being what I'm calling the Browser version (where the browser just gets locked permanently or temporarily like mine) and what I'm calling the Regular/Normal/Call-It-What-You-Want version (where the whole PC locks). Is there a difference in how they work internally or externally (within the PC or OS, or even aesthetically)?


I had only peripherally heard of this bug/virus/ransomware until I encountered it, then upon reading up on it, I was surprised that certain users had their whole PC lock up, others had their browser lock up, one user had their app of Microsoft Word lock up. It wasn't clear if the users who had their browsers lock up had been able to unlock the way I did or NOT, or if they had only certain tabs lock or ALL of them, or as to how easily or complicated it was to exit, etc. I'm just curious as to if any of the experts who work with these maladies and malwares here know of the difference, if any, or if it is just a random effect that literally is a case of chance or whatever?



I, again, appreciate any clarification on the difference or lack of difference (either way), NOT to mention the randomness of such.







P.S. The first MalwareBytes log is Pre-Removal (finds 2 hits) & the second log is Post-Removal (clean).


mbam-log-2014-01-03 (16-26-54_FULL).txt

mbam-LOG_2014-01-04 (After Malware SCAN!).txt


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