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[SOLVED] "Beta testing period has finished" dialog box

John L. Galt

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The current version that you just installed has an expiration date of March 31, 2014. We will release a new version before that date. Simply check back here regularly or subscribe to the forum posts so that you get notified when a new version is available.


Currently the beta does not auto-upgrade, but it is something we will build into the program for the 1.0 release.

Great, i just hope it doesn't stuck like the last one... 2 thing, i see this tool like a vaccine or prevention, so how we are suppose to help testing? Now that i'm here i need to know what to do. xD

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Since MBAE is still in beta, we are finishing its core engine by adding some more anti-exploit detection techniques. The biggest help we need is in testing the latest MBAE beta versions on as many real life computers as possible to help identify and fix any potential incompatibilities with third party software, conflicts with protected applications, crashes, bugs, etc.


Thanks again for helping out!

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Found the Anti-Exploit on CNET and downloaded it alongwith the other great offerings, but it never worked. 


No matter where I tried to open the file from, it just disappeared and nothing happened, then suddenly the EXPIRED message popped up.


Returned to CNET for an update and search for some other virus software, but nothing had changed.


Finally searched out MalawareBytes site, finding the update.


It WOULD NOT automatically remove the older version and the NEWER version would not install w/o first manually removing the original software.


Removed original software, installed the NEWER VERSION and VOILA!  All up and running, with a few attempts blocked.


I have W7, use primarily FF and the odd time Chrome.


Thanks and Happy New Year!!

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Hey Wide Glide,


THANK YOU!  Tested my system and MBAE worked perfectly!  That was great to know.


It was only by installing the present version that I actually got it to work ... perhaps someone should advise CNET of the changes ... just sayin' :-) for more happy users!


btw, I've used malwarebytes for many years, happily!


Best of the New Year to all

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