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I like to know what's causing this


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Hello! Today i'd like to ask what's causing these phenomenons in my laptop. It has been there since i received this from my dad months ago. It doesn't bother me much but now that i'm on the pro's forum place, i wanna know.



1. I cannot chance my windows password. I can do it on command prompt just fine but not on the usual place.

Notes: I am the only account in this laptop. I am the only administrator so this laptop should be following my orders. My windows is genuine and legit. This is not cracked.





2. When clicking on any of these bluetooth shenanigans, my explorer restarts. 

Notes: I tried removing them on devices and printers so i turned my bluetooth on so i can see them all even if the devices are not here but they just, well, came back so i turned my bluetooth back off. I never use it anyways.






3. My Flashdrive icon won't change. 

Notes: The autorun in the flashdrive is correct and the icon that i want is in the root aswell. It works on other computers but just not on this laptop. No screenies for this one since it will be useless anyways.




Other notes:

I am malware free. Well, i still have this extension in chrome that won't go away but that's not whats causing this anyways. I know cause i got this laptop even before i got that extension so yeah, these problems listed are not from any malware i suppose.



Good day and thanks for reading!




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Until Borislav gives you the all clear I wouldn't assume your rig to be free of malware. That being said you might want to try the steps advised by this webpage of microsoft.

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(Misclicked again. Sorry for that.)


Hi balwarmytes,


Until Borislav gives you the all clear I wouldn't assume your rig to be free of malware.



That being said, to solve you first problem you might want to try the steps advised by this webpage of microsoft.


For the autorun file on your USB-drive not working. Some Anti-virus software block auto-run files. (At least mine does.)
Windows could also be set to ignore auto-run files. Your rig might have that setting. Here they explain how to disable it, you should be able to use it to check if you have it enabled that way.


So far my non-expert ideas as what could cause your problem.


I hope this helped If you have any questions, please post.



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if this is the same computer that borislav is helping you with in the malware removal section ... do not attempt any fixes "on the side" unless you are instructed to do so by borislav .

messing around with other items while a comp is being diagnosed/fixed can result in some pretty bad things happening .


... *to the best of my knowledge* ...

one of the "standard operating procedures" (aka : rules) of these forums is to not interfere with the malware removal process in any way .

if the malware person helping an individual indicates that it is ok to post over here for help they will indicate that it is ok to do so ("all clear") .

(and usually the person being helped will indicate that they were "sent here" by the person helping them)

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