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Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop this topic by while waiting. I definitely don't belong here though lol. 


Currently at my 2nd year in BSIT(i think our education level here is too low cause we 2nd years are currently only studying Photoshop, HTML, VB.net and some Electronics).

I like watching animes rather than TV series cause i find them entertaining and i learn from them.My top 1 is AnoHana. Anyone here somewhat watches some animes? Probably none lol.

I play o2jam! Ha! I currently can pass a lvl28 song and improving. My goal for now is to clear Earthquake [Hard].


MOBA games? Well, i play HoN with a 1711 MMR. I use Garena since i live in Asia(i want to play with the NA and EU players though). No League for me.


I also play the guitar. I sometimes want to sing though.


Almost all of the forums i've been through is that i made an introduction post so i decided to make one here(hope its ok lol)



NOTE: only read this if you are bored


Here's my story on how i got here:
Its the holidays vacation(hell yeah) so i'll be traveling to my parents' home. So i packed everything and left my house. Naturally, i brought my laptop since the one they use there probably has 999 unwanted toolbars running on each browser. Well, everything was fine and all on my laptop until i went to sleep on the 25th(morning, after celebrations). Waking up at 6pm, i went to browse my facebook on my laptop(i left it open) and found a chrome extension i've never seen before. I tried removing it, and failed cause it kept coming back. Aaand there! I found this forum and made a help topic. Duuunnnnn




Well, time to sleep now since its 6am while i'm typing this. Seeya tommorow!





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