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Dorkbot infection found

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Dear Malwarebytes Experts:


I have been using Malwarebytes for years on my old Dell laptop....finding only occasional issues over the years.  So staying clean.  But my old machine was literally falling apart and I had to buy a new laptop, Samsung.  I have literally had it less than a month.  I do homework on it, WORD, PowerPoint, research (very careful on links, no pictures etc), email and facebook (also very careful not to open invites, links, attachments, pictures, etc). 


I have Windows 8 and Office Suite 2013 with this new machine. I copied some word docs and photos of my own from the old machine to the new through a USB thumb drive.  It "seems" like I became infected after that but I was also doing research for my Master's thesis then too.  Anyway, my work email and facebook looked super weird (big giant off centered letters and distorted graphics, and appeared at times to be the behind the scenes look of the web pages) and wouldn't open correctly...I ran a scan and found hundreds of infections!


They were ALL called pup optional conduits, except one was a trojan dorkbot once.  I have updated and run a scan several times a day every day just about for the last week.  Sometimes I come up with clean results but mostly I come up with 1 infection still everytime of the pup conduit.... :(


What in the world can I do to be safe and rid of this?  I am super careful but I'm still infected easily.  Is it this operating system?  I did uninstall internet explorer and am using firefox instead with some ad block plugins from firefox.


I appreciate any help or advice.  With my old computer in one infection I had to start it in safe mode with networking to enable an update and malwarebytes to run.  I am worried about this with the new computer and I do not know how to get to safe mode with networking with this new system. 



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