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Not sure whats going on.


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Hello, So on Christmas, I got my gifts I5 and gtx 640 ti So, I tried to install them didn't go as planned, But after all drivers were uninstalled and no traces what so ever, Even did system rollback, The computer seems to be making a little bit higher pitched noise, I cleaned all the dust out while I had it open, So is that it?

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It is wrong to "assume" your audience knows what you are talking about.  It is your job to properly express the problem and elaborate of the situation at hand.
What does "I got my gifts I5 and gtx 640 ti So, I tried to install them" mean ?
What are these unidentified objects and what are they being installed in and under what conditions ?
My Crystal Ball is broken so can you please elaborate and properly state your case.

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There is no "driver" for the CPU.  The OS (XP, Win7, Win8, etc) will automatically work with the CPU no matter what model it is.


"gtx is the graphics card" is STILL meaningless.


What is the EXACT make and model of the video card.


Examples:  nVidia Quadro NVS 100M and ATI Radeon HD 5770


I do not understand how a CPU or Drivers can be associated with dust and/or noise.


Please start from the beginning, what EXACTLY is the problem you are having.

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Its not a problem, Just trying to get a better understanding of whats going on, And I didn't mean drivers for the cpu, I know dat and its a GTX 640 TI 1024MB DDR3 And what I meant, was That while I had my pc open to install it, I cleaned out the dust in the fan, So I'm asking is it the stuff that I added, And then removed or the fact that I cleaned out my computer completely of dust

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hmmm ... the explanations are a little on the thin side ... but hopefully i am on the right track .


can you stick yer ear in the machine and determine where the "noise" is coming from ?

cleaning the dust out of a rig will not cause it to make noises such as you mentioned .

the graphics card fan could just be noisy but still be ok ... i just changed out a Vcard and the fan is much louder than the old unit .


there are several possibilities to this :

the video card cooling fan is bad out of the box (not as uncommon as one might think)

the cooling fan on the cpu cooler has gone bad (you swapped out the cpu) , this can happen , it is called "just my luck"

the cooling fan in the psu has gone bad (see above)

one (or more) of the case fan(s) has gone bad (again , see above)

the psu does not like the additional load placed on it by the new CPU and graphics card ... it may be getting "tired" or is too light in the poop to pull the wagon .


shutting down electrical/electronic equipment that has been running for a lot of hours can cause it to develop *problems* ...

bearing lube can seize up

electrolytic capacitors in the PSU and on the motherboard can "flake out" after cooling down or having power removed from them (i won't get into the physics and chemistry involved)



"I can't seem to find a single trace of either one of the drivers in the system so, I'm pretty sure its the dust that's making the noise of the fan and or/hard drive higher pitched."

then again ... what you stated can be taken two ways ...

barring the rpm of the HDD as they do not spin any faster or slower dependent on the CPU , etc ... the bearings in the hdd can be going bad due to reasons i mentioned above .

can you be more specific about the "noise" ... describe it .

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Ok, I found out what it was, Apparently, I took the fan out of the computer, (processor) fan, And I put some dust on it from something else, Powered it and it made the old noise I had in my pc, Removed the dust and sounds a bit higher pitched. It was indeed the fan :D

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