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how to update software ? (NOT database)

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I have Malwarebytes Pro edition v. and under the updates tab I only have the option to update the database. I have 2 questions:


1) I want to update to the latest program version. How??


2) Concerning "anti-rootkit" and "anti-exploit" programs.... are they included in the program version update or are these seperate programs that I need to download and install?


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Hi, mugwampbro and :welcome: :



To update the program, make sure your updater settings are configured as shown below:




Then, click the "Update" tab, then "Check for Updates" button.


Or, you can do a clean upgrade, using the instructions in this pinned topic: MBAM Clean Removal Process.



Currently both MBAE and MBAR are BETA products & are separate.

If you are not comfortable running BETA software, you probably should wait until public release versions are published.

They may at some point be incorporated into future versions of MBAM.

MBAR, in particular, is a powerful tool that probably should NOT be used by the consumer without expert help.





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Hi mugwampbro,


My experience is that when I click "check for updates" MBAM offeres me the possibility to update to the latest program version if a newer version is available. Did you try that?


For as far as anti-exploit capabilities go, Malwarebytes Anti-malware does not offer protection against exploits. Malwarebytes anti-exploit beta does. If you don't like beta software, you could take a look at EMET.


For anti-rootkit you could look at Malwarebytes anti-rootkit beta. I don't think you need extra anti-rootkit tools besides what you anti-virus software offers unless you are infected. In which case I'd leave rootkit removal in the capable hand of the malware-removal experts in the malware removal sub-forum.


I hoped this helped, if you have any problems or questions, please post/ask.



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