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Samsung Kies false positive suspected as NOT always being false


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My apologies if this is in the wrong place and/or if my theory does not hold water. I can't seem to find the best place to test what I experienced with someone else.


I found that my computer (Windows 8) was infected with a browser (Explorer) hijack after installing Samsung Kies.


Malwarebytes removed the hijack. Reading up in the Forums indicated that some people reported Kies as being malware (so those people's installed Malwarebytes detected Kies as having a problem at a time).


I have installed/reinstalled Kies on various machines at different times so why did this trojan not activate all of the time?


Theory: One has to install the "Myfree CODEC" with Kies. This "codec" might selectively install a trojan for some users based on a counter or a random variable. So every 100th person (say) might get a surprise package.


This CODEC might not be under the full control of Samsung, so a third party might manipulate a trojan's installation at their pleasure using Mycodec (maybe there could also be a remote controlled "switch"?)


So - depending on the luck of the draw you get the codec or you get a dummy codec plus trojan and then the trojan zaps your browser, leading to other possible infections based on text such as "You are the lucky 100 00th person".


Comments anyone?

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Looks like you probably downloaded and installed samsung Kies NOT from the developer website: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/#downloadWindows - but from another link/location instead (for example Softonic or any other download site where you can find many programs listed).

The latter often use installwrappers that bundle their software with additional bloatware and/or even low risk spyware or adware, so it's probably that what you got. Samsung Kies itself is 100% safe/legit. That's why it's always recommended you download software from the developer website instead.

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